Alisam Engineering of Lima, New York



Alisam Engineering is a hand tool design and manufacturing company offering novel products to help make life a little easier for home shop machinists, woodworkers, and woodturners.

We are committed to customer satisfaction the old fashioned way, products that work and last for generations. We encourage feedback about our products, and offer our items to you with your complete satisfaction in mind.

Thank you.


quotationThanks for making a device that really works! Don't know what's so hard about it but the rest of them I have tried can't hold the blade straight or secure. Thanks again for my #SS2. It really works."

T.J., Roseville, MN




Alisam Engineering
P.O. Box 75 - Lima, New York 14485
Phone: 585-732-6432 (product information only - NO phone sales)