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Chipped tools? Can't find that tool you need or the right one is always out of reach?

Alisam Engineering's "QC rack" provides the home shop machinist and commercial shop, a means to easily and safely store and organize your "Aloris", QC type tool holders when not in use.

Tools before Alisam Engineering's QC Racks
Use Alisam Engineering's QC Racks to organize your shop

Three models are available to fit the AXA, BXA and even the small *A2Z* or Phase II hobby size tool holders. This is NOT a "one size fits all" item. Each size rack specifically and positively holds their respective QC tool holders. No loose tool holders to flop around on rack.

Each "QC rack" tool holder easily attaches to your wall or cabinet with flathead #8 wood screws or bolts (customer supplied).

Three models to choose from ...
Alixam QC Rack tool holder A2Z
QCR-50 (A2Z)
$21.99 pr.
Alisam QC Rack tool holder AXA
QCR-100 (AXA)
$26.99 pr.
Alisam QC Rack tool holder BXA
QCR-200 (BXA)
$42.99 for 4 single holders

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