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We carry many products for the home shop machinist. Some are reproductions of tools no longer made but are still sought out to make that specific job easier!


quotation Tool is beautifully made. An excellent value for the money."

D.K., Madison, CT

quotation GREAT ITEM, works like a champ. A++++++++++++"

Steve V., CT




Click on your choice below for more information and to order our metalworking products.

  • Flat Belt Gluing Fixture ... reproduction of the South Bend Lathe Works company's belt gluing clamp for repairing flat leather belts on your old iron

  • Knock-Out Bars/Daubers ... quality steel and brass knock-out bars or daubers for your lathe's tailstock

  • Center Tool ... makes centering your lathe tool to your lathes' axis a quick and easy task

  • Radius Tool Frames ... make your own radius tool very inexpensively to turn knobs and balls on your metal lathe

  • Tool Bit Grinding Gage & Jig ... faithful reproductions of South Bend Lathe's grinding gage and cutter bit grinding fixture

  • Dremel® Tool Holders ... several sized Dremel® tool holders to fit most any small to medium sized lathe





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