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We are always working on new products for the woodworker and woodturner!

Have a look at our popular wood lathe indexing system for the "Jet" mini-lathe or our "universal" mini-lathe system.

quotation I really like the indexing system and it has paid for itself many times over since I purchased it. It is a great time-saving tool and very accurate accessory for my lathe!"

P.G., Nashville, TN

quotation A truly well made USA product. Easy to use. Holds its position tightly. The best."

J.S., Tooele, UT


Segmented Project Planner - Your best choice for designing segmented projects. From novice to expert and idea to assembly, Segmented Project Planner supports your lathe project with Sketch-A-Bowl, AutoBowl, Segment Painting (color, mosaic, image), open segments, zigzags, diamonds, and much more.


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