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Center Tool

Alisam Engineering's Center Tool makes centering your lathe tool to your lathe's axis a quick and easy task! Ideally for those jobs where you need to switch to a different tool while in the middle of a turning, but even when you just want to set up your tool(s) before a job. Also great for aligning the height of your tailstock with your headstock by capturing the tool between centers. There are many other ways of accomplishing this but we and our many machinist friends believe this is the simplest, fastest way!

The idea was taken from the "old timers" trick of using a machinist's rule captured between the stock and tool tip and adjusting the tool height until the rule was straight up and down. This method worked great but you had to keep moving over to the tailstock end to sight over the bed to visualize how straight the rule was or a least strain to look over your compound, cock your neck and sight the rule.

quotation I have one of your centering rules and enjoy it. Thanks."

Rich in NJ

Center Tool CGT-01


Alisam Engineering's Center Tool CGT-01

The novel idea of placing an accurate bubble level on the end of the rule, and using the same, time tested "old timers' trick, allow the user to easily see when the tool tip is centered on the lathe's axis. You can make fine adjustments and watch as the bubble tells you when the tool is on center. No more straining your neck or running over to the tailstock to peer over your bed! Could even be used to get your stock close to centered in the chuck by placing the gage in the center of one side of the rule and aligning rule with axis of lathe on stock, then rotating chuck checking every 90 degrees or so. Using the gage in this manner on the milling machine you can position your work absolutely level.

Wood turners may find this setup useful when re-chucking rough turned bowl blanks or checking the height of their lathe's tailstock compared to the headstock on their wood lathes.

Fast, easy, accurate and CHEAP to boot! We'll even include a brand new, stainless steel, 6-inch machinist's pocket rule FREE, until our supply runs out! The face of the pocket rule has 1/64 inch graduations on one edge and mm's on the other edge. The back of the rule has metric equivalents. A Starrett rule like this is $16.50, same quality!

The actual gage is made here in the USA on precision CNC equipment - not of plastic, but of sturdy anodized aluminum with an acrylic bubble vial. This little tool should last for generations!

CGT-01 Center Tool
So easy to use, your son or grandson (or daughters!!) can center your tools for you!


Alisam Center Tool CGT-01
Center Tool


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