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Flat Belt Gluing Fixture

This fixture accurately and firmly applies pressure to a flat leather or synthetic belt while the adhesive glue sets up. By placing the skived (tapered), glued ends of the belt between compression plates (customer supplied - use any flat stock, wood, metal or plastic) and into the fixture, pressure can be applied to securely set the skived ends together. Flat belt made up this way run much quieter than belts laced or mechanically fastened together. Why hear the "clicketty-clack" of the belt while working on your lathe?

Quality cast of a strong urethane resin with a solid brass toggle foot clamp right here in the USA! Bring that old iron back to life the time tested way they did it years ago.

Use this fixture on any machine powered by a flat belt up to 1/2 inch thick (depending on thickness of compression plate stock used) and up to 1-3/4 inches wide, any length. We recommend "Barge" cement, an excellent adhesive used in the leather industry for over 100 years. When it works, why change it? NOW included in a convenient 2 oz. tube.

quotation Used it to splice a South bend composite belt. I used two pieces of aluminum flat bar for pressure plates. There was enough pressure to give a perfect splice. I also spliced a flat leather belt for my old G&E shaper."

P.L. - Los Angeles, CA


Alisam Flat Belt Gluing Fixture

An inexpensive accessory that is nice to have around when you need it!


Alisam Flat Belt Gluing Fixture
Flat Belt Gluing Fixture



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