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QCR-200 (BXA)

Alisam QCR-200 (BXA) QC Rack

$42.99 for 4 Single Holders

The QCR-200 (BXA) model is machined from strong, anodized, 6061 aluminum (not die cast). The QCR-200 (BXA) is a single dovetail holder - sold 4 units to hold four (4) BXA size tool holders.

We listened to our customers who needed more room between the tool holders, especially when the tool holders were loaded with a long tool. Now you can place each, single dovetail unit as desired to achieve the spacing needed between tools.

Each "QC rack" tool holder easily attaches to your wall or cabinet with flathead #8 wood screws or bolts (customer supplied).







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