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Radius Tool Frames

These completely cut out frame assemblies are made out of 1/2" high strength aluminum. The hard work is done for you!

With minimal machining these frames are ready to be made into nice radius tools. Up to 2" balls can be turned (depending on model). Will fit any 1/2" OR 3/8" tool holder (depending on model).

Model RT-2b has a 1/2" shank and model RT-.375 has a 3/8" shank. If you have a drill press or mill with a vise (or your lathe with a milling vise attachment) you can make one very easily!

Our RT-2b, a "pre-broached" model has a square hole broached to fit most 1/4" square tool bits. Why try to file a precise square hole to fit your 1/4" square tool bits?

We also have a small parts kit for our radius tool frames. A "convenience kit" that many have asked us to supply containing all the little parts (bearings, rods, set screws, etc.) needed to finish the radius tool.

Why pay up to $150.00 to own one when you can NOW make one easily in about 1 hour?

You will need (for model RT-.375/RT-2 will be similar):

  • a piece of .250/.375 drill rod about 6" long (depends on how long you want your handle)
  • a .250 dowel pin 1.25" long
  • a .250 dowel pin 2.25" (or longer to clear height of your QC or lantern tool holder)
  • (2) bronze bushings .25 ID X .3125 OD x .5 long. THESE ARE OPTIONAL! IF NOT USING REAM .251, TO SLIP FIT DOWEL PIN IN OUTER FRAME
  • a length (about 1 to 2") of 1" brass/aluminum/steel round/hex stock to fit handle or wrench to
  • (1) to (4) 8-32 set screws. Exact number dependent on method of securing dowel pins to inner frame, either press fit or secured with set screws, one (or two) needed to secure toolbit and one tool handle unless press fit or can use (1) SHCS instead
  • (1) toolbit, HSS either .1875 or .25 round X 1" long (or square if you can broach)
We will supply easy to understand plans to aid you

Alisam Radius Tool Frame Concave/Convex
Radius Tool Frame Assembly
Concave/Convex RT-2bCC


"Pre-broached" 2" radius tool frame assembly with "pre-broached" concave cutting bar included.

This is NOT a completed tool!

Alisam Radiug Tool Assembly RT-.375
Radius Tool Frame Assembly


Completely cut out frame assembly made of 3/8" high strength aluminum alloy.

Alisam Grinding Jig, GJ-01
Radius Tool Frame
Assembly RT-2b


2" model radius tool frame assembly.

Frame Assembly only, NOT a finished tool.

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Alisam Radius Tool Small Parts Kit
Radius Tool Small Parts Kit


Small parts kit for our radius tool frames ... all the little parts needed to finish the radius tool.

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