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Jet Mini Lathe Indexing System

This accessory from Alisam Engineering is a complete system for indexing on your "JET" 1014 mini-lathe! The system consists of a 7 inch, laser engraved, anodized aluminum plate with a 1 inch center ID spindle hole and two concentric rows of indexing holes. The outer row of 72 holes are spaced 5 degrees apart and the inner row of 20 holes are 18 degrees apart. This combination allows the user to adjust for virtually an position around the circumference of your turning! Also included is the custom bracket machined to utilize the existing tapped hole and bolt on the headstock of the JET mini-lathe. NO MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR LATHE REQUIRED!

We also include a thumb screw for securing this bracket to the headstock (in conjunction with the "belt adjustment door" spring retention bolt of your JET lathe), a "dog point" indexing screw and a 1 inch x 8 tpi threaded jam nut to secure the indexing plate on your spindle. You may also secure the plate to the spindle with your lathe's chuck or faceplate. The bracket may be left in position without getting in the way of either your turning or belt adjustments when not using the index plate.

Customize your turnings quickly and easily just be aligning the indexing screw to any hole you choose and your ink, paint, router or carving tools add your personal artistic touch to your work!


quotation Just wanted to let you know that I received my JET mini-lathe indexing system yesterday and within minutes had it installed. As previously mentioned, I have an older JET mini, the gray (or blue - my color perception isn't great) model, and your JET system fit perfectly, just as we thought. Thank you very much for your great customer service, a great product!"

F.B., Port Huron, MI

quotation I received my JET indexing system today. Thank you for the prompt delivery! It is a wonderful piece of engineering! No problems at all with installing on my Jet mini. I am very pleased with the system and your customer service. Thank you so much."

K.L., Palm Coast, FL

Pen turning by K. Larrett

Two products ...

Alisam JET mini lathe indexing system
JET Mini Lathe Indexing System JIS-001

The JIS-001 is the woodturners' indexing system
specifically made to fit the JET mini lathe.

Alisam JET mini lathe index bracket
JET Mini Lathe Index Bracket

Sold as a separate item, custom made bracket
fo fit the JET mini-lathe only!

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