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JET Mini Lathe Index Bracket

JET Mini Lathe
Index Bracket


This is the bracket custom made to fit the JET mini-lathe only! We are selling this as a separate item for those who own several 1 inch spindled woodturning lathes one of which is the JET 1014 mini-lathe. Instead of purchasing two separate systems you can purchase the #WIS-1.0 "universal" indexing system and the JIB-001 bracket alone. Keep the JIB-001 JET bracket attached to your JET lathe and swap the index plate between your lathes. Includes the dog-point screw and mounting thumbscrew.

Note: We have come across 10 JET lathes while selling the JIS-01's (serial #C3100625, #C4034937, C5091366, #C4091829, #6057451, #5030193, #5125223 and 3 others where the headstock's tapped holes we use for securing our custom bracket were not where they were designed to be, even though JET's engineers told us the hold positions do not vary! We did design some play in our bracket to make up for some loose tolerances at the factory BUT obviously it is possible then to have a JET lathe that in the production run has the position of the tapped holes off. In such an instance it may be necessary to alter our bracket.







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